Building a Community Skills Lab @ Heart of Biddeford

This corner will soon become...


The goal is to provide a space where local business owners and residents can learn about urban planning / community development / business development, thereby enabling them to better understand the language of planners and administrators and be able to have productive and empowered dialogues with them about the community. Planners and outsiders can in turn learn more about the community here. There will be a computer workstation in addition to a small library of books, so that people can come in and listen to open source lectures or watch DVD materials, as well as promote their projects with online social media.

The Social Capital wall will be a low-tech, local Facebook; a directory of people and organizations, their skills, and how to contact them. Everything will be updated according to the wall, so there can be an online directory and a yearly guidebook distributed to local businesses when we accumulate enough profiles. In order to encourage people to post profiles, we can make it a condition of being able to borrow a book from the library. That way we make sure to get the books back :)

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